Spend $250 & above on DrGL®’s Lightening Range and receive a 2-piece miniature set of Restore Gel Mask & Post Cleanser (worth $56).

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  • DrSpa® Platinum NanoPlus Skin Treatment

    DrSpa® Platinum NanoPlus Trial

    Reduce wrinkles, lines and crow's feet

    Regular Price: S$520.00

    Special Price S$368.00

  • DrSpa® Lift

    DrSpa® Lift Trial

    Rejuvenate skin with RF waves

    Regular Price: S$320.00

    Special Price S$228.00

  • DrSpa® HA Optimiser Skin Treatment Singapore

    DrSpa® HA+ Optimiser Trial

    Boost hydration levels for youthful radiant skin

    Regular Price: S$480.00

    Special Price S$338.00

  • DrSpa® Guasa Healing Skin Treatment Singapore

    DrSpa® Guasa Healing Trial

    Must-try treatment for dull skin

    Regular Price: S$320.00

    Special Price S$228.00

  • Clean & Soothe Skin Treatment Singapore

    DrSpa® Clean & Soothe Trial

    Gentle treatment for sensitive skin

    Regular Price: S$120.00

    Special Price S$88.00

  • DrSpa® Whitening Facial Singapore

    DrSpa® Whiten & Brighten Trial

    Effectively treat hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tones

    Regular Price: S$460.00

    Special Price S$328.00

  • Repair & Rejuvenate (90 mins)

    DrSpa® Repair & Rejuvenate Trial

    Repairing treatment revitalises and rejuvenates your skin

    Regular Price: S$350.00

    Special Price S$248.00

  • Clean & Polish (90 mins) at TANGS

    DrSpa® Clean & Polish Trial

    Deeply cleanses and exfoliates your skin

    Regular Price: S$200.00

    Special Price S$148.00

  • DrGL Powdered Paper

    Powdered Paper

    Keep shine away with absorbent powdered sheets
  • Eye Repair Brightening Dropper

    Eye Repair Brightening

    Banishes dark circles, reduces puffiness and fine lines
  • Skin Supplement Glow Award

    Skin Supplement Glow

    All-natural supplement promotes good skin and good health

    Out of stock

  • MAN Restore Gel Mask

    MAN Restore Gel Mask

    Botanical based gel brings relief to soothe irritated skin
  • MAN Sun Protection Anti-Aging Pump

    MAN Sun Protection Anti-Aging

    Protect against UV rays while enjoying anti-aging benefits
  • MAN Moisturiser Anti-Aging 50ml

    MAN Moisturiser Anti-Aging

    Diminishes wrinkles and lessens pigmentation
  • MAN Toner Oil Control 100ml

    MAN Toner Oil Control

    Clears all grimy debris and regulates sebum production
  • MAN Solution Anti-Hairloss 100ml

    MAN Solution Anti-Hairloss

    Lightweight leave-in serum for hair loss problems

    Out of stock

  • MAN Cleanser Anti-Hairloss 240ml

    MAN Cleanser Hair (Anti-Hairloss)

    Prevent hair loss with this shampoo for men

  • MAN Cleanser Anti-Aging 50ml

    MAN Cleanser Anti-Aging

    Fend off signs of aging with this multitasking cleanser
  • Cleanser Acne

    MAN Cleanser Acne

    Clean, treat and prevent acne with this cleanser
  • Restore Gel Mask 128ml

    Restore Gel Mask

    A restorative gel mask packed with healing botanicals

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