The 6 Skincare and Makeup Essentials You Need For Glowing Skin

The 6 Skincare and Makeup Essentials You Need For Glowing Skin

Because radiant skin looks younger and healthier

1) Brightening Cleanser

For skin to glow naturally, it has to reflect light well. And to achieve this, you need to swipe off any grime, sebum and dead skin cells that linger on its surface, no matter how tired you are. Which means, cleanse, cleanse and cleanse! However, some facial cleansers can dry out skin and cause a tight feeling. Choose one that has moisturising properties so your skin can stay dewy and plump after cleansing – which also helps to make it reflect light much better.

Try: DrGL® Cleanser Lightening Plus. This handy all-in-one product cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. Plus, it has hyaluronic acid to keep skin well-moisturised.

2) Gentle Toner

To give your skin even more opportunity to shine through, use a toner after cleansing. While a cleanser removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells, a toner can do all these and also reduce the appearance of pores. Why is this important if you want a radiant complexion? It’s basic science, really: the smoother the surface, the better it reflects light.

Try: DrGL® Toner Lightening. This is formulated with Vitamin C to target dark spots, prevent new ones from forming and brighten up skin.

3) Face Moisturiser

To be honest, all moisturisers do pretty much the same thing for your skin. They act as a protective layer over it to prevent moisture from escaping and so, keep your skin soft and plump. This is important because only dewy, well-hydrated skin is able to reflect light well and in doing so, appears more luminous.

4) Skin-revitalising Serum

On the contrary, you’ll want to invest more in a serum. Unlike a moisturiser that tends to sit on the skin surface, a serum is usually formulated to penetrate more thoroughly into skin. Choose one with brightening as well as revitalising benefits – the latter can help to perk up your complexion and make it look more radiant as a result.

Try: DrGL® Skin Repair. This helps to prevent premature ageing but it does a whole lot more, including healing skin and brightening it up.

5) Makeup Primer

Sometimes, you need a little bit of cosmetic help and a makeup primer is that shortcut to achieving glowing skin. How? Remember the thumb of rule: smooth, poreless, flawless skin reflects light better, which in turn makes your face appear radiant. A makeup primer smoothens out skin and some formulas also contain illuminating particles to give a brighter-looking finish.

6) Highlighter

Makeup highlighters come in many forms – stick, cream or powder. But they all have the same purpose of making your skin glow exactly where you want it to glow, especially if you are going to be taking a lot of photos. Dab a little highlighter on your cheekbones and blend well.