The One Healthy No-Carb (and yummeh) Dish To Eat Now

The One Healthy No-Carb (and yummeh) Dish To Eat Now

There are cookbooks on roasting meats, cookbooks on cake decorating, cookbooks on Asian stews and soups… but wait, why isn’t there any titled “What to Cook For One Person If You Work From Home And Need A Proper Nutritious But Still Delicious Lunch Because You Can’t Munch On Cold Bread Like Your Other Friends Can”?

And so, I’m sharing this fast-to-cook, good-to-eat superfood rainbow bowl recipe with you. It has as many nutrients for your skin, hair and health as it has clickbait #trending food terms in its name.

First, the base. I’m a late adopter of using quinoa in my cooking because it smells like rabbit feed in the bag. But fluff it up with generous amounts of water or broth in a saucepan and you get a versatile grain that has been reported to contain so many antioxidants and minerals that your cells will thank you for it and reward you with healthier skin and hair. I cook by instinct so I add water to the quinoa until it turns translucent and resembles mini pearls. Unless you are really harsh on yourself, season the grains thoroughly with black pepper, fish sauce, Chinese cooking wine, sesame oil, sea salt and grated ginger. Then simmer till everything becomes a fragrant mush. You’ll know it’s ready when your kitchen smells a little of a chicken rice stall.

The One Healthy No-Carb (and yummeh) Dish To Eat Now

You can jazz up the quinoa with anything you like to eat in general. For me, it’s broccoli, beancurd, carrots, prawns and red beans – all chopped and diced. These ingredients are rich in protein (along with the water-packed quinoa, you’ll be full for a long time, I promise!) and also beta-carotene, fibre and minerals. Then, scatter a handful of coriander leaves and lemon balm mint over everything, and whatsapp a #lunchenvy photo to your friends with their cold bread.

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