The Ultimate Protector For the Face, Body & Scalp

The Ultimate Protector For the Face, Body & Scalp

It goes without saying that sunscreen is one of the most important skincare products, if not the most essential item, in your beauty routine. (Quick recap: The sun’s UV rays damage the DNA of skin cells, and accelerate skin ageing, leaving you with wrinkles, dark spots, skin sensitivity, and worst of all, skin cancer.) Most would apply sunscreen to their faces, some would also use it on the neck, and many would not apply sunscreen elsewhere because it’s too much trouble.

5 Spots You’re Forgetting to Apply Sunscreen

Some of the commonly neglected areas include the skin around your eyes, ears, back and sides of the neck, back and scalp. Here’s how you can effortlessly apply sunscreen to these areas:

1) Eye area – The skin at this area is 10 times thinner and more susceptible to UV damage. After applying sunscreen over the rest of your face, use your fingertips to dab on the remaining product over the eye contours. You want to start with a little product at a time as too much product can irritate the eyes, clog pores and result in milia seeds.

2) Ears – Similarly to the eye contours, apply sunscreen to your fingertips and massage the sunscreen over your ears.

3) Back and sides of neck – Most people would apply sunscreen to the front of the neck but (strangely) neglect the sides and the back. Spread sunscreen over your palms and apply it upwards along your neck.

4) Back – It takes some work and flexibility to reach this area and spread out your sunscreen evenly. Use a mist-type sunscreen to cover most of this part.

5) Scalp – First of all, getting sunscreen to the scalp is tricky as it is covered with hair. Most products are too rich for the scalp, and the lighter formulas are not necessarily recommended for the scalp.

The New Skin Threat: Blue Light

On top of sunscreen neglect, researchers have found that blue light emitted by the sun and from digital screens can penetrate the skin and generate free radicals that also leads to DNA damage, leading to inflammation inside the skin, hyperpigmentation, and the breakdown of collagen and elastin. The good news is, new skincare products including sunscreens now come with ingredients that can also help to shield the skin from blue light. And that’s what the DrGL® Sun Protection Mist delivers.

The Sunscreen that Protects You from Blue Light, and Helps You Reach Hard-to-reach Places

DrGL® Sun Protection Mist is a colourless, quick-drying mist sunscreen that is suitable for use on the hair, scalp, face and body. It protects against UVA and UVB rays, as well as blue light using ubiquinone and rutin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, the antioxidant-rich formula has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to counter sensitivity issues like redness and itchiness, too. Arbutin and licorice are added in the sunscreen to help reduce the look of dark spots.

You also don’t have to worry about this sunscreen mist touching your hair as it works to add shine to your hair. This sunscreen doesn’t contain wax so it doesn’t clog pores, and is designed to be light enough so that it can be washed off easily. The best part is, for reapplication of this sunscreen, simply spritz it over your makeup, as this handy product also functions as a makeup-setting spray.