Total Regenerative Scalp System

The award-winning Total Regenerative System is a revolutionary 4-step treatment system by DrHair® that provides results-based, clinical solutions for healthy scalp and hair.

With targeted treatments aimed at hair loss, scalp rejuvenation and haircare maintenance, the holistic system combines proprietary formulations, premium actives and peptides, advanced technology and the exclusive use of award-winning DrGL® scalp and hair care products for maximum efficacy.

Combining medical science and proprietary formulas exclusively curated by scalp specialists, the Total Regenerative Scalp System is designed by trained professionals who are effective in customising every customer’s unique needs for optimised results.

Total Regenerative Scalp System

To determine existing scalp conditions, we go to the root of the problems to identify the potential threats to scalp and hair. Our diagnosis is able to identify scalp conditions, hair density, scalp sensitivity and the amount of dead skin cells.

After the consultation, our scalp specialists will determine a suitable treatment based a thorough analysis.

Developed by scalp specialists, TRSS uses the combination of regenerative, stimulating and restorative peptides to stimulate hair regrowth and overall scalp health. Proprietary to DrHair®, these peptides are formulated and curated by professionals who have over 20 years of experience in trichology.

A prescription to take home as part of your post-treatment scalp and hair care for regular daily maintenance. The range of potent actives and peptides encourage long-lasting effects of treatment results. Recommended by our scalp care specialists.

Total Regenerative Scalp System
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Our supplement, Skin Supplement Glow covers key ingredients such as Biotin, Niacinamide, Panthothenic acid to strengthen body’s Keratin infrastructure.

The supplement also covers other multivitamins and nutrients to promote health and wellness.

Our proprietary blend of tea, Glossilocks, consists of French pink roses, lemongrass and rosemary regulates hormones, improves blood circulation and reduces hair loss. It is a one-of-a-kind blend that takes care of one’s overall wellness.


Skin Supplement Glow
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DrHair®’s treatments target common and challenging scalp conditions at the root. We emphasize on clean and healthy scalp being the first step to achieving hair goals. With our three proprietary treatments - Anti-Hairloss, Hair Defence and Deep Cleanse, we treat various scalp conditions and give a boost to the scalp with our own blend of curated peptides for maximum efficacy.

DrHair® Scalp Treatments
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