Treat Your Hair 24/7

Treat Your Hair 24 7

In Singapore, most hair salons start charging a “festive” surcharge about two weeks before Chinese New Year.

The reason for this? They expect an increased customer crowd who will be flocking to salons for pre-CNY cuts, perms, highlights and treatments. Because most of us want to look especially good at reunion dinners and house visits – after all, this is sometimes the only occasion in a year when we catch up with relatives and friends.

But taking care of your hair should not be a once-a-year affair only. Hair needs everyday TLC to stay healthy because your crowning glory gets it really bad, if you think about it.

First, hair is always the last to receive nutrients – if it gets any in the first place – from the food or supplements that you consume. Second, your tresses are also exposed a lot all the time, which make them susceptible to sun damage, for instance.

Here are some SOPs to make sure that your hair gets the care that it needs more often.

If you wear your hair long and perm or colour it a lot

Besides choosing the right colour-protect shampoo and conditioner, you should use a DIY mask or oil at least once a week. The difference between these and a daily conditioner is that generally, the latter sits on the hair surface whereas oils and masks are believed to penetrate more deeply within the hair shaft.

Hair masks and oils usually contain jojoba, almond and argan oils as well as some form of keratin to strengthen and moisturise locks weakened and dehydrated by frequent chemical treatments.

Always shampoo first with warm water to open up hair cuticles before applying a mask or oil. After leaving this on for about 20 to 30 minutes, rinse it off with cold water to seal up the cuticles again. And if you have naturally fine and oily hair, never apply the product throughout but only on the ends to prevent weighing it down more.

If your strands are getting thinner and you are losing hair

Ageing, hormonal changes and a deficiency in iron and Vitamin D are some reasons behind hair thinning and hair loss. Before things get too nasty, rethink your daily routine.

If you blow-dry often, make sure you use a lower heat setting. A higher temperature may get things done more quickly but it can also damage hair and cause scalp sensitivity over the long term.

You’ll also want to be using the right daily shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from those that are too rich for your hair type and look for a formula with peptides and growth factors instead.

While those of us hoping to get glossier and softer hair may go for hair treatments, you should instead be looking at a scalp treatment that targets hair thinning and hair loss. For instance, the DrHair® Anti-hairloss treatment deep cleanses the scalp from the follicles by removing sebum and product build-up, and promotes blood circulation and scalp healing.