What You Should Know About Scalp Care in Your 50s

What You Should Know About Scalp Care in Your 50s

In your 50s, after menopause, your levels of oestrogen continue to drop and the level of testosterone increases. On the scalp, that hormonal change translates to thinning of hair at the scalp, a decrease in diameter and length for hair, and greying. This new situation causes a decrease in sebum production, which causes the scalp to become dry (or drier), and hair to become dry and brittle. If left untreated, a dry scalp can lead to increased sensitivity, itchiness and dandruff.

No matter how wonderful the shampoos and treatments you may have been feeding your scalp, you need to change your hair care regimen with these new changes. If you have been using a light shampoo, switch to a hydrating or nourishing one. And as you shampoo, massage the scalp with your fingertips to help improve blood and oxygen circulation. If you have been skipping conditioner, stop – put that back into your routine as conditioners make hair smoother and that helps to keep hair tangle-free and therefore, less likely to break. (Gentle reminder that hair is more brittle now.) Every little conditioner helps. Depending on your hair condition, you may even want to use a hair mask every alternate day. If your hair is not chemically treated, use a hair serum to treat it. If you tend to perm, straighten or colour your hair frequently, massage a hair oil into your dry, damaged locks.

Our scalp, on its own, ages six times faster than facial skin. As it gets drier with age, we need to do little extras to keep it healthy. On cleansed scalp, apply a scalp care serum like the DrHair® Solution Hair (Anti-Aging) to help the scalp retain moisture and maintain scalp health. It helps to soothe any scalp irritation, too.

As we get older, scalp and hair treatments are no longer “treats” that are nice to have. They are essential to maintaining scalp health and allowing healthy hair growth. A great place to start is with the DrHair® Deep Cleanse. This deep-cleansing scalp care session does more than a good cleanse. For one, you get a deeper understanding of what’s going on with your crowning glory. The scalp treatment starts with a hair professional accessing the condition and needs of your hair and scalp with an image magnifier. After your scalp conditions are diagnosed, the treatment is administered, and a recommendation of hair care products and treatments follows.

Great for all scalp types and conditions, the DrHair® Deep Cleanse works to get the scalp really clean without drying it out. It also helps to hydrate the scalp, boost blood circulation, promote nutrient absorption, and reduce any inflammation and itching. This treatment complements your at-home daily hair care routine, and works together to help strengthen the scalp for healthy hair growth as you age.