Why You Should Clean and Wash Your Hair More Often

Why You Should Clean and Wash Your Hair More Often

How often should you be cleaning your hair? And having fresh-smelling tresses is just one of the less important reasons!

When dry shampoos first became popular a few years ago, many of us rejoiced.

Finally, we could get by without washing (and blow-drying) our hair every other day, which also meant that we could get to sleep in for half an hour more before our morning commute.

Finally, we could also make the most of our expensive salon blow-out.

And finally, we could still make our hair smell relatively fresh and fragrant with just a generous sprinkling of oil-absorbing powder – so important on long haul flights or for date nights after 12-hour work days.

But for those of us living in hot, humid Singapore, not washing our hair regularly is literally quite the dirty act.

Think about it. Like your face, your scalp is made up of skin and so, it secretes sebum every minute – the same reason why you would cleanse your face every day or risk having clogged pores and, subsequently, zits and blackheads. Double whammy: living in an urban environment also means that pollutants from the air are finding their way into your hair all the time.

If you don’t wash your hair and scalp often, your crowning glory can look really oily and smell that way too (have you stood in a packed MRT train beside someone with unwashed, day-old hair on a 34 deg °C afternoon?).

Besides that being a social no-no, oil in hair can weigh it down and make it look limp and unsightly. Also, not cleansing your hair and scalp results in product build-up – that’s all the residue left behind from the hairstyling products you use, like hairspray, clay, mousse and, yes, dry shampoo. All this build-up further makes your tresses look dull and unhealthy, and make them limp too – which can make styling them a pain.

And if that’s not bad enough, product build-up on the scalp clog up the follicles. What can happen: inflammation. Or your scalp simply does not benefit the most from your hair care products and treatments because it is not able to absorb any nutrients from these.

So, how often should you be cleaning your hair, really? Experts say that with the right gentle shampoo, you can wash away once a day, especially in a climate like ours. If you have oily hair, shampoo twice a day.

And don’t stop at just the shampoo. Once a month, schedule some #metime with a deep cleanse treatment like DrHair® Deep Cleanse scalp treatment as it helps to unclog follicles and remove product build-up. For oily hair, the targeted DrHair® Anti-Hair LossTreatment is designed to soothe greasy scalps and get rid of sebum.

Because a healthier scalp means healthier hair and you get to enjoy a pampering treatment too. Win-win situation.