Why You Should Do A Radio Frequency Facial

Why You Should Do A RadioFrequency Facial

1. You see instant lifting and firming effects the changes are more than superficial

Radiofrequency (RF) facial treatments work by using heat to trigger collagen and elastin production in skin’s deeper layers. The instant results: you will see that your skin looks more supple and if you compare one side of your face post-treatment with the other side that has not been treated, chances are the former looks more lifted, literally.

2. And the changes are more than superficial

Also, because RF levels used are lower than, say, the higher frequency light waves used in lasers, they can go beyond the skin surface more safely to improve skin tone and structure. Over time, with repeat treatments, you may notice a more defined jaw contour and tighter, smoother skin.

3. RF facials are safe when done by a trained practitioner

RF facials use RF waves which we are all exposed to in everyday sources, from the sun and lighting to WiFi and TV or radio transmission signals. The RF used in skin tightening treatments is controlled, with your therapist or doctor monitoring the machine closely to prevent overheating. But be sure to choose the right clinic or spa and practitioner for a RF treatment as RF carries a risk of burns if the procedure is performed incorrectly.

4. There’s no downtime (so nobody will know!)

Because of the non-surgical, mainly safe nature of RF treatments when administered by a trained therapist or doctor, you can head back to work or meet your friends after a RF facial treatment. However, always let your therapist or doctor know if you have very sensitive skin that is prone to post-treatment tingling, redness or swelling. As RF facials give instant results and do not have downtime, they are the perfect quick fix before an important function or even date.

5. RF facials are so relaxing

As RF facials use a gently heated wand or applicator that glides over your face, they feel like a really rejuvenating hot stone massage… but with added benefits!

DrSpa® Lift treatment (2 hours)

Suitable for mature skin which needs some lifting and firming help, this uses CelluActiv Frequency (RF) Skin Therapy to activate skin, fats and muscle tissues at a cellular level. Look out for the Lift treatment in the BELIEVE box set launched in early-March 2019.