You Ask, I Tell – August 2017 Edition

You Ask, I Tell - August 2017 Edition

Thank you all for the beauty questions submitted through DrGL®’s Instagram and Facebook. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite questions amongst the many interesting questions for Dr Georgia Lee to answer. Congratulations to our winners @Yang Lim, @immori and @Susan Lux. Find out more about their questions as well as Dr Georgia Lee’s answers below.

sun protection

Q: I’ve been told that I shouldn’t apply sunblock after my moisturizer as it will result in clogged pores. I’ve also heard that applying sunblock on acne will cause more outbreaks. Are both these points true?

Submitted by: @Yang Lim

Dr Georgia Lee: This is not true. It is really a matter of finding a product that works for you. Start by using the essentials first – it will always be a cleanser. For acne prone skin – the next step is using treatment based products with AHA/ Oil Control/Antibacterial properties to curb the breakouts. If over the counter products do not work – seek medical help. The next most essential step to introduce into your regime is the sun block. Stagger the usage of products over weeks –as it may take weeks before irritation or breakouts surface from products that do not suit you.

milestone age

Q: Are there any milestone ages where we should change our skincare routines? As my skin changes slightly daily, it’s often too late before I realise my skin has changed and I’m unable to adapt my skincare regime quickly as I buy multiples of my skincare products.

Submitted by: @immori

Dr Georgia Lee: Our skin changes not only in terms of chronological milestones but also life’s milestones; for example –

Starting work – stress and putting more makeup for work may precipitate breakouts – so go slow and light with makeup whenever possible – I have always advocated no makeup over the skin save for the eyes and lips. If the job does not allow that or time is needed to build up that confidence to step out without coverage – try just pressed powder.

National Service for the boys – sun protection whenever possible and acne preventive measures. Time is often short when serving so work smart by using an all in one wash such as a cleanse and/or acne preventative type of product and use sun mist which does not need makeup remover.

Pregnancy – pigmentation starts to surface during pregnancy – so lightening products may come in handy. Be diligent with the sun protection.

Right after delivery – hair fall usually starts the 4th month after delivery– so anti-hair loss products should start at delivery to build up the hair mass to counter the hair fall later. The hair fall may be significant for some.

Transitioning into the 40s – this is when we enjoy the fruits of our work and parenthood for those with children. I like to use lightening products in the daytime and anti-aging at night so that my usage can counteract different issues.

I’m like you – needing “backups” of everything. I suggest only having one backup and stagger changes gradually as they run out to avoid wastage and also to identify culprits if one develops sensitivity to any new products. Our users usually seek advice from our in-house practitioners for skin care advice. Get advice from your trusted practitioner looking after you.

dark eye circles

Q: I have dark eye circles on my lower eye lid. I’m afraid to use too much eye cream as I get oil seeds on my eyes area easily. Which effective eye gel/cream should I use?

Submitted by: @Susan Lux

Dr Georgia Lee: First, one has to identify the reason behind the dark eye circles.

1. Poor circulation – this can be easily identified with the press test. If it is a circulation issue – the discoloration blanches with pressure. Look for products with ingredients like Vitamin K, Hydroxysuccinimide, Swertia Japonica Extract which help improve the metabolic functions and circulation around the eye area.

2. Tear trough – filler with a medical practitioner may help

3. Pigmentation – check with the negative blanch test. Look out for lightening ingredients like Vitamin C, Kojic acid, Retinol, Chrysin.

4. Sinus – seek medical help as improving the blocked sinus will help the appearance of dark under eye circles.

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