You Ask, I Tell – December 2017 Edition

You Ask, I Tell - December 2017 Edition

Thank you all for the beauty questions submitted through DrGL®’s Instagram and Facebook. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite questions amongst the many interesting questions for Dr Georgia Lee to answer. Congratulations to our winners @Moonbrella, @Sheng Ya and @Stephanie Seow. Find out more about their questions as well as Dr Georgia Lee’s answers below.

Q: Is there an all-in-one product that can treat acne-prone and sensitive skin yet function as a moisturiser and pore tightener?

Submitted by: @Moonbrella

Dr Georgia Lee: DrGL® Skin Repair can fulfill ¾ of your request. Its key function is for healing and some of our users with sensitive skin or very oily skin types used it singly after cleansing and toning. However, it does not have the benefit of pore tightening. For sensitive skin types – tightening the pores will make them too dry and hence more sensitive. For those whose skin can tolerate gentle acids, they can add on DrGL® Post Cleanser Step 2 for pore tightening.

Q: Can eating too much meat cause breakouts?

Submitted by: @Sheng Ya

Dr Georgia Lee: There is no conclusive study to suggest this but dairy product has been linked to cause breakouts. Some people who have increased the addition of low glycemic index vegetables their diet to reduce meat intakes swear by the health and skin benefits.

Q: How do you prevent clogged skin near the chin area?

Submitted by: @Stephanie Seow

Dr Georgia Lee: Avoid applying moisturiser or makeup there. If it is too dry, try serums or water based moisturisers. Get regular facials and detox from skincare & makeup over the affected area for a couple of days right after the facial will help. For persistent clogs, try intra-glandular radio wave treatment; a very fine specialised insulated needle is introduced into the freshly emptied pore to cauterize the gland linings. There will be initial redness and breakouts but the number of active glands reduces over time and the condition improves over repeated session (4-6 monthly intervals)

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