You Ask, I Tell – September 2017 Edition

You Ask, I Tell - October 2017 Edition

Thank you all for the beauty questions submitted through DrGL®’s Instagram and Facebook. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite questions amongst the many interesting questions for Dr Georgia Lee to answer. Congratulations to our winners @Kevin Jiang, @Andrea Tang and @eddiehqh. Read on to find out more about their questions as well as Dr Georgia Lee’s answers below.


Q: Is eye cream important? I’m in my 20s and haven’t incorporated eye cream to my skin care regime. Should I start now or later in my life?

Submitted by: @Kevin Jiang

Dr Georgia Lee: It really depends on the type of skin type you have under your eyes, and also if you’re very expressive.

If you have very dry skin under your eyes and are very expressive, you can start on a richer type of eye cream. However, if you’re prone to clogged pores, have prominent sebaceous glands beneath your eyes and are keen for preventive measures, a super lightweight but heavy action eye serum will do well.


Q: How do I select the right shampoo for my hair? Do anti-hairloss shampoos really help to prevent hair loss? I heard conditioner clogs the scalp and makes the hair oily. Should it be avoided and simply replaced by serum after a hair wash?

Submitted by: @Andrea Tang

Dr Georgia Lee: Any cleanser that is not too harsh for the hair will do the cleansing job well. The challenging part is finding the right shampoo for the scalp. If the scalp is oily and prone to clogging – regular descaling treatment and an oil control shampoo will work well. If hair loss or hair loss prevention is a concern, then find a shampoo with proven peptides that will reduce hair fall, stimulate hair growth and enrich with vitamins that are required for healthy, glossy hair.

Conditioner can be used but only on the hair shaft and never over the scalp. Smoother hair allows for an easier comb through and reduces hair breakage.


Q: Hi there! I’m a fan of DrGL® products. I’m on my second bottle of Cleanser Sensitive 240ml. I was thinking of switching to Cleanser Lightening however, I do not know if it is suitable for me as my skin is rather sensitive.

Submitted by: @eddiehqh

Dr Georgia Lee: Hi, thanks for your support and encouragement. We will strive to continue to innovate so we can help address all skin concerns.

I suggest getting a smaller size of the Cleanser Lightening. Try it out on a small portion of your face for a few days. Cleanser Lightening is suitable even for sensitive skin. Keep the Cleanser Sensitive and Cleanser Lightening on hand and use them interchangeably as our skin changes day to day due to stress, the environment and travelling.

DrGL® Skin Repair may be a good add-on. Do stagger the usage, however. Start with Skin Repair for 1-2 weeks and if there are no issues, add on Restore Gel Mask which can be used as a moisturiser or leave-on mask to help reduce redness and soothe sensitive skin. As always, with any new product, test over a small area of the skin for a few days before applying over your entire face.

DrGL® Recommends:

Powerful botanicals are harnessed in DrGL® Eye Repair Brightening, making it ideal for banishing dark circles, reducing puffiness and the look of fine lines with an elegant gel texture that is instantly absorbed for highly visible results.

Using an advanced shampoo formula, DrGL® Cleanser Hair (Anti-Hairloss) incorporates the latest in cell regeneration to help prevent hair loss and goes one step further to stimulate regrowth. DrGL® Cleanser Lightening is indispensable for uneven skin tones and pigmentation caused by UV rays. Cleanses gently and thoroughly, then goes a step further to repair and protect skin against the damaging effects of the sun.

Remove makeup and impurities with DrGL® Cleanser Sensitive‘s extra gentle soap and fragrance-free formula. Soothe sensitive skin for a smooth, silky feeling.Receive intensive age-defying, skin revitalizing benefits with DrGL® Skin Repair. With a formula that penetrates deep within, skin regains an incredible glow, looks remarkably younger and feels irresistibly smooth and supple.

Bring skin back to equilibrium with DrGL® Restore Gel Mask for all skin types. Packed with healing botanicals to soothe skin, it’s a skincare must-have that can function as a moisturiser or a mask.