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Don’t neglect your crowning glory. Tapping on the art of science, high-performance actives, proprietary formulations and treatment protocols, DrHair® presents medically-curated, results-driven treatments to combat hairloss while promoting scalp health.

The DrHair® Standard

Uncompromising quality and service you can always expect.

Award-Winning Solutions

Award-Winning Solutions

Our results-driven treatments and DrGL® Professional products have been winning awards since 2012. Good hair begins at the scalp, that’s why we focus on optimising scalp health to treat hair loss and hair aging.

Doctor-Curated Formulations

Doctor-Curated Formulations

Dr Georgia Lee never settles for anything less the best. Our DrGL® Professional products use only the best grade of ingredients, meticulously sourced from trustworthy and reliable origins for unparalleled purity to ensure safety and the best results.

Curated Peptides Trichology

 Curated Peptides Trichology

Medical-grade, high-potency peptides, active ingredients in our proprietary formulations have been proven to effectively regenerate hair, boost regrowth, and improve overall hair quality for fuller, more luscious hair.

Professional Trichocare Specialists

Professional Trichocare Specialists

All our experts are highly trained, undergo continuous training, and have years of experience.

Total Regenerative Scalp System

Our 4-Step that combines a personalised treatment plan with home-care products for optimal results.


Consultation & Diagnosis

We go straight to the root to identify potential threats to your scalp and hair. Our diagnosis your scalp condition, hair density, scalp sensitivity, even the amount of dead skin on your scalp. After which our trichocare specialists will customise a programme for you.


Curated Peptides Trichology

Our treatments combine medical science with proprietary formulas that make use of regenerating, stimulating, and restorative peptides that stimulate hair regrowth and boost overall scalp health. Delivered into the scalp via the latest technology, our treatments promise optimal efficacy and results.


Home Maintenance

A take-home prescription is vital to your post-treatment care. Our scalp and haircare range is formulated with potent actives and curated peptides to give you amplified results, and help you maintain a healthy scalp and encourage hair regrowth between treatments.


Scalp Nutrition

When it comes to healthy scalp and hair, nutrition matters. At DrHair® , we serve Glossilocks tea, our one-of-a-kind blend of French pink rosebuds, lemongrass and rosemary that helps hormonal regulation, boosts blood circulation, and reduces hair loss.

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