How To Maintain A Healthy Scalp In Hot Summer Weather

How To Maintain A Healthy Scalp In Hot Summer Weather

It’s not enough to simply shampoo your hair every day. Have a scalp facial, too.

In a year-round tropical climate like ours, we always hear grouses about hair that gets frizzy (hello, humidity!) and hair that drops limp after an expensive perm (again, humidity).

So, why does hair misbehave in a summer climate?

Blame it on the high moisture content in the air – also the same moisture content that you have to thank for skin that doesn’t turn dry and flaky easily – which causes hair strands to swell up. This is because hair is porous and can absorb airborne moisture. Once every strand fattens up, your crowning glory turns into a crowning glory and becomes a headache to style and tame.

But a summer environment doesn’t only affect hair. It also affects the scalp. In fact, one of the main problems about being in hot weather is your hair doesn’t smell fresh after you’ve been outdoors for just a while. And it’s not because you didn’t shampoo it or you don’t practise good personal hygiene. The way your hair smells the way it does in hot weather – sweaty and greasy – is due to your scalp turning oily more easily.

And if you already have a case of dandruff, this can flare up further if you have a sweaty scalp. This is because a damp scalp is the best place for dandruff-causing bacteria to grow and flourish. As a result, things can get really tingly, itchy and uncomfortable.

Some of us also have sensitive skin – don’t forget that the scalp is skin, after all – which is allergic to perspiration and the bacteria in it.

So, in our kind of weather, it is important that you wash your hair often, like once or twice a day. If you don’t, oil, dirt and product residue can build up and cause more itching.

But it may be trickier for you to truly cleanse your scalp. This is why it’s a good idea to book a scalp cleansing treatment like DrHair® Deep Cleanse. Think of DrHair® Deep Cleanse as a scalp facial: while you may wash your face every day, you do a facial once a month to deep cleanse your skin.

This 45-minute treatment starts with a detailed scalp analysis. Your therapist then cleanses your scalp with DrGL® hair care products and Iontophoresis technology. Doing this helps to unclog hair follicles and thoroughly remove debris and sebum as well as product build-up (if you use a lot of styling products).

And because an oily scalp can result in hair loss – sebum- or dirt-clogged follicles are blocked and can’t sprout hair optimally – go for the DrHair® Anti-Hairloss treatment.

This not only cleanses the scalp and removes product build-up but it also uses a micro-channeling technology to promote scalp healing and speed up hair growth. The result? Better blood circulation, a healthier scalp and fuller, thicker hair. Hot and humid weather? No sweat.