Healthy glossy hair is often associated with good health and youth. No matter what's your age, DrGL® hair cleansers help you fight hair loss problems and revive your tresses with active ingredients that penetrate deep within the hair shaft and the scalp too.

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  • MAN Cleanser Hair Anti-Hairloss 240ml

    MAN Cleanser Hair (Anti-Hairloss) 240ml

    Prevent hair loss with this shampoo that stimulates regrowth
  • Cleanser Hair Anti-Hairloss 100ml

    Cleanser Hair (Anti-Hairloss) 100ml

    Advanced shampoo prevents hair loss & stimulate regrowth
  • Cleanser Hair Anti-Hairloss 240ml

    Cleanser Hair (Anti-Hairloss) 240ml

    Advanced shampoo prevents hair loss and stimulates regrowth

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